the101201blog’s Authors

The101201blog- 101201(aka the101201blog) started this blog to post about news in the music and technology. It was started back in August 2009 on , but was previously on starting in 2008, and before that on in 2007, and on a site starting back in 2005 when it was originally started. He has a background in web design, radio automation, live radio, and likes to work with electronics. He has created 8 previous successful websites. He is available for web design of any type and can be reached at

Survivethenight- Survivethenight has just joined wordpress and is using the101201blog to promote his music. It is mostly electronica, but can sometime can be screamo. He has a background in drums and keyboard which he has been playing for 8 years.

If you are interested in being an author for the101201blog, email 101201 at


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