Don’t Worry about those Nat. Geo. Magazines, Just get the Hard Drive!

National Geographic, the legendary yellow magazine that’s been an important part of many young nerd’s childhood, has been around since 1888. Even if you have a very large room dedicated to storing the magazine, that’s a lot of issues.

Thanks to modern technology, however, you can now have all those issues on one 160 GB hard drive, and it’ll still leave you a full 100 GB to spend on data of your choice.

Besides all the magazine issues, and the accompanying maps (which, some would say, are equally valuable as the mag itself), this collection will get you an app that helps you search through this vast amount of text and photos, a trivia game, and the ability to personalize your collection by saving your favorite articles. You’ll also get a DVD with a National Geographic behind-the-scenes documentary, and all of this will set you back for $199.95. If you’ve been late with your Christmas gift, this is a perfect chance to redeem yourself

(A note from the Editor: Now this does sound like a good money maker but also a good idea for people. Because they could misplace 1 magazine, and their collection is ruined. But with this that can’t happen.)





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