Wanna know your first follower?(Twitter)

Bored at work whilst waiting for the gap between Christmas and New Year’s to be bridged? Well, here’s a fun little tool to tide you over: FirstFollower.com.

This program — designed by Russian developer Victor Babichev — allows users to see who their first follower on Twitter was, as well as those of other users. Omg, folks, get ready for some seriously stalkerish time-wastin’ fun.

According to ReadWriteWeb, it’s difficult to know if this service is accurate or not, given the fact that Twitter changed the way it listed its followers earlier this year. I’ve contacted Babichev for his thoughts on the matter, so we’ll see what he has to say.

The tool is really easy to use: Just enter the desired Twitter handle (minus the “@” sign and capitalized as needed — it’s case sensitive) and push “Wanna Know.” You’ll then be given the name of your number-one fan, along with a pre-generated Twitter message praising their allegiance to you (although the site doesn’t seem to pay attention to gender when spitting out these platitudes). I’ve probably wasted 20 precious seconds of your life explaining this, so I’m just gonna let you go play now.

In the meantime, here’s some fun facts I discovered via playing around with the tool:

Mashable’s first follower (@Mashable): @JoeDuck. Thanks, dude. This blogger has nearly 40,000 followers to his name.

Pitchfork Media’s first follower (@pitchforkmedia): @DudeAsInCool. He appears to like music. And tropical flora and fauna.

Oprah’s first follower (@Oprah): @joaniegalla1, who only has 27 followers of her own and protects her Tweets.

The Muppets’ first follower (@TheMuppetsStudio): @DigitalMike. He’s only got 58 followers, and also protects his tweets.

Trent Reznor’s first follower (@trent_reznor): @jaie. She’s an insomniac mother of three. Wonder when she jumped on the Reznor train — the singer has canceled and resurrected his account several times.





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