What does 101201 mean?

Thank to Steve and Jack4fun’s asking, I decided to make a post on where and how 101201 came to being. ……………

Back in 05, I created a blog about my life on Google Pages. I was then changed into Google Site. That lasted for about a year. Then I started doing many activities. When In got my 1st iPod, I started going to the Gym. After  that I moved my blog to a sever Called “Wetpaint”. That lasted until January of 2008. Then I moved my blog to Blogger(Run by Google). That was my first “Real” Blog posting service. Then in August of 2009, I moved my blog to WordPress.com . That is where I am now and plan to stay

101201 is pretty easy to explain. 101201= Me. See, that wasn’ t so hard!

The url’s kind of stayed the same. It started out as 101201.tk (Not in service anymore). Then it went to theblog.wetpaint.com(Not in Service) . After that it went to ilovetoblog.tk .  Then to the101201blog.wordpress.com, which is what it is now.

I hope this answers your Question Steve and Jack4fun.

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