Apple Tablet to be named…. iSlate?(Rumor)

Even in Apple Rumor Land – a magical place where the tiniest hints of info can be turned into full-fledged devices, concepts, plans and deals – this rumor is a long shot, but at least it has some solid proof to back it up.

MacRumors has found out that Apple has purchased the domain name (which currently doesn’t lead to anywhere) back in 2007. Originally, the identity of domain’s true owner was hidden, but for a couple of weeks in late 2007, Apple was listed as the owner, and MacRumors has the historic domain name record to prove this.

While iSlate sounds like a decent enough name for a tablet, companies such as Apple regularly buy domains that sound like their products (past, present, and potential) simply to prevent others from buying them; therefore, the fact that they own a domain doesn’t really prove much.

Still, now that we have the name, we can mull it over in our heads, trying to figure out if it’s good enough for a hyped device such as this one. iSlate? iSlaaate. iSlate! Yup, it doesn’t sound too bad.





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