Review on WhiteCollar

If you have watched any USA this summer, you have probably seen plenty of commercials for USA’s White Collar. USA is really trying to make the show a hit and with their previous successes I would be shocked if White Collar didn’t become a hit. Even though the show doesn’t premiere until October, USA has already sent me a preview copy of the show. After watching it I am left feeling that while the show could use a little bit of work, I can almost guarantee that White Collar is going to be USA’s next big hit.

Where do you turn to catch a con artist? How about one of the best con artists around? This is the premise behind White Collar. Neal Caffrey is a world known con artist. He simply has a natural born ability to get people to do whatever he asks. This is apparent several times in the premiere and leads to most of the shows humor. His luck eventually ran out though as he is caught by Peter Burke who is part of a white collar crime department. When Peter has trouble catching another tricky con artist he turns to Neal who helps him by using his knowledge of the trade. Joining the unlikely duo are Elizabeth, Peter’s wife; and Mozzie, a friend of Neal who has ties to what is going on in the con world.

As I have already mentioned, White Collar’s pilot is not perfect but it has the makings of a great series. I think what kept the pilot down was the fact that it was the pilot. The pilot is an hour and a half which allows for quite a bit of character development for a pilot episode. It is obviously all needed to get the series started but it does drag down the pilot a little. The pilot just seemed like a traditional pilot since a decent amount of time is used to set up the premise. In other words quite a bit of time is used on setting up the characters rather than the week’s case. Obviously after the pilot this shouldn’t be an issue any longer, and the show should improve quite a bit because of it. When it gets into its stride I think White Collar is going to be a very good show.

Even though the pilot is a little slow, the show already has the makings of a great show. What I like is that the show already has the makings of a pretty good cast. Matt Bomer (most people will recognize him as Bryce Larkin on Chuck) is great in the lead. While his character (Neal Caffrey) is a little subdued in the pilot, he did show that he is going to be another wacky character that will fit right in with characters such as Monk, Shawn Spencer, Michael Weston, and so on. Most people should love the character since he should bring most of the laughs to the show. While his “partner”, Peter Burke, is not as interesting, he holds his own pretty well. I would compare him to Gus on Psych while Neal is closer to Shawn. Those aren’t perfect comparrisons but I see quite a few similarities. Otherwise Mozzie is your typical paranoid friend, and Elizabeth is your typical TV wife.

If I had to compare White Collar to another USA show I would probably say it is most like Burn Notice. It has quite a bit of Monk and Psych mixed in as well but I give Burn Notice the nod because at least for the pilot it had a similar style and tone that Burn Notice also has. That could change in future.If you would combine Monk or Psych with Burn Notice you would get a pretty good idea what White Collar is like.

If you like Burn Notice, Monk, or Psych I think you should check out White Collar since I am guessing you will enjoy it. Even if you just like crime dramas I think you should give White Collar a shot. I am guessing that White Collar is going to be a staple show on USA. If you are a fan of USA’s franchises you need to check out White Collar. At this point I would consider it the fourth best show on USA (behind Monk, Psych, and Burn Notice) with the possibility to become the best show on the network. For those of you who are interested, you can check out White Collar on USA Friday October 23rd, at 10/9 C.

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(Review written before Airing)



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