Apple- Update to “Apps for Everything” Page

Apple has updated one of the funnest sections of its website, adding a new look and new ways to browse for iPhone and iPod touch apps. The “Apps for Everyhing” division includes categories like “apps for cooks” and “apps for keeping current,” as well as “apps for students” and “apps for moms and dads.” As apple itself puts it, there’s an app for just about anything on the iPhone and iPod touch.

In what looks like a smart move for Apple after reaching a landmark 85,000 applications currently hosted in the App Store, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker has redone this particular section of its website for a more intuitive app search, as well as an extra way to categorize apps beyond the search algorithms provided via iTunes.

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“Once you discover the App Store, you’ll see how applications can make your iPhone do just about anything,” Apple says on the updated web page. “There are thousands of iPhone apps to choose from. Here are a few that will help you get the most out [of] your iPhone, wherever you go.”

The redesigned page works much like an app, featuring buttons that, once pressed, take you to an area dedicated to that category of apps. For example, Apps for Work includes la creme de la creme of iPhone business apps, such as Nexonia Expenses, which helps you track expenses as you incur them. “[…] Use your iPhone camera to photograph receipts before submitting expense reports,” the app’s description goes, followed by an iTunes link taking you to the download page.

Salesforce subscribers also have instant access to important business and client data wherever they are, according to Apple. Thanks to Salesforce Mobile, also featured on the App for Work page, users can “log sales, access charts and graphs, check the latest activity, respond to new leads, and much more,” all on the go. “Available on the App Store,” the description adds.

The page also features a “Did you know?” section, where Apple says something interesting like, “iPhone has been adopted by businesses both small and large.” Almost each category of apps contains its own “Did you know?” box. Go ahead and check it out! It’s tons of fun to check out the best iPhone apps, all stacked on their own shelf just waiting to be grabbed.





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