Todays Google Doodle

unexplained phenomenon Google Doodle

What’s the unexplained phenomenon?

Samstag, 5. September 2009 Check it out yourself!

unexplained phenomenon Picture: Google

unexplained phenomenon Google Doodle

For a few hours now Google Australia displays the „unexplained phenomenon“ Google Doodle but no one really knows what it means. If you click it, you get the unexplained phenomenon search results page. Germany also has it’s version of the Doodle called „Rätselhaftes Phänomen“ which pretty much translates to unexplained phenomenon. Google Russia also has it’s version called „необъяснимые явления“.

What is it about?

Surely the US will soon get the unexplained phenomenon Doodle and more and more people are about to get crazy about it’s meaning. Is it a gag? An experiment? A self-reference? Is there someone at Google laughing at us?

Enlighten us!!! Spooky, isn’t it? Call Mulder and Scully!

Feel free to post a comment if you can clarify the unexplained phenomenon.


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