Who Has The Better Hamburger?

_qoptions={ qacct:”p-32Swj5sJwj0d6″, labels:”Business” }; Who has the better hamburger: McDonald’s or Burger King? Both of these well-known fast food restaurants have been in business for over 50 years. McDonald’s boasts over 31000 locations worldwide and still expanding. Burger King is in the process of adding to its 11,200 worldwide locations by expanding in Japan, Hong Kong and adding Macau. McDonald’s had over 21.6 billion dollars in revenue last year. Burger King had only about 10% of that with the sales totaling 2.06 billion dollars last year. Do these statistics reflect that maybe McDonald’s has the better hamburger?

Some might say yes, but let’s take a closer look. I went to both www.mcdonalds.com (McDonald’s website) and www.bk.com (Burger Kings website) and checked out the nutrition information that they have available on each of their sites. I compared hamburger size: McDonald’s weighs slightly less; it is only 100g while Burger King’s weighs 121g. Next, I looked at the total fat content for each of their burgers. McDonald’s hamburger has only 9g of total fat; while Burger King’s hamburger had 12g. If you take into account their size difference; the fat content is comparable. I was also interested in the salt content of each of their hamburgers. McDonald’s hamburger has 520g of salt; while, Burger King’s hamburger has 560g of salt. Again, taking into consideration the size difference; the salt content of each is about the same. The last thing that I looked at was the carbohydrate count in each hamburger. Burger King is the better choice for those interested in their carbohydrate intake. Burger King, while its hamburger weighs more than McDonald’s hamburger, has less carbohydrates only 30g per sandwich. McDonald’s hamburger has 31g of carbohydrates in it.

When you compare the nutritional value of both the Burger King hamburger and the McDonald’s hamburger; there really is little difference. We must continue to look at the two chains to determine which has the better hamburger.

Some text has been taken from http://www.associatedcontent.com


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