How to Make a POP POP SNAPPER spark

How to make Pop Pop Snappers Spark:

1- Get a box of Pop Pop Snappers (Buy them at most retail stores or online) Click here to buy online!
2- Get a sharpie marker (Any color. I prefer black.) Buy them here! only $2.00

3- Write on the Pop Pop Snapper with the sharpie(There is never too much but cover about 1/2)

4- Make Sure you covered half

5- Throw it hard on ( a cement sidewalk or driveway. NOT IN THE STREET!!!)

6- If it didn’t work, there are two possibilities why. One, it is a dud. Or two, you didn’t throw it hard enough. So try again.

7- If it did work, then congrats! Keep on playing around with them. See what you can do. Tell me in the comment area below what luck you had and what you found out.


Safety Notes:

1- Keep away from ALL Flammable Materials

2- If something does catch on fire, try to put it out with a fire extinguisher. If you can not, contact your local fire Department.


Legal Matters-

This is not intended to put people or fire personal in danger but just to show how regular items can put risk in daily lives.

101201 or other website personal are NOT RESPONSIBLE for YOUR or ANYONE ELSE’S ACTIONS. The READER takes FULL Responsibility for reading this material AND doing anything the directions tell them to do.

Copyright 2009 101201 and


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